First impressions: Hisone to Maso-tan

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That was a very unique first episode for a very unique series! It was a really good first episode that set up really well, and I already can’t wait for more.

First up, it is pretty recognisable from the cover alone, but the art style for this series is more old-timesy. However, that is definitely not a problem here, as it still looks really nice, and with the high quality of animation that was shown throughout the episode, it actually doesn’t really matter at all. I’m liking the character designs as well, as they all look more unique than some of the more typical things you get from anime.

Speaking of the characters, I LOVE the main character so far. Hisone is quite literally a small part of me, since I sometimes just ramble on and on without stopping and not realising. I like how she deals with her own personality, and to see her ranting in action is just so relatable and funny at the same time. She’s amazing. And of course, with the title of the series as it is, it is no wonder that the other protagonist is Maso-tan, who I assume is the dragon. Just…wow. For some reason, I feel a better developed character in a dragon that literally doesn’t speak than other real human characters in other series. This dragon is not just for show, it’s not just a moe furry bait, it has its own personality it seems. The interactions between the two so far has also been pretty golden.

…and the main reason for that would be the comedy. Unexpectedly, this series showcased some great comedy in this first episode alone. The interactions between the dragon Maso-tan and Hisone is one funny thing, the rantings and ramblings of Hisone herself is another, and we have other situations that just turned out to be hilarious. I laughed quite a bit, to say the least.

hisone rant.PNG
Me 2.

And of course, the story itself is nothing to scoff at either. I feel very invested into the story already, despite the show using the usual “narrator tells background” trope. I want to find out more about the dragons. I want to see more of the dragons in action! The other side(probably main) characters introduced so far are really great too, and I’m just loving the developments within this one first episode.

Another great thing would be the small snippets of heartwarming developments. It might just be me being easily affected, but come on, that just healed my heart.

Overall, after watching this show, I wouldn’t mind if a dragon like Maso-tan were to appear in the real world. If only. Who won’t want themselves a Maso-tan to ride to the skies with?

masotan flying.PNG

Please give me more episodes soon, and bless fansubs. Screw you though Netflix.

First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: Misone’s outburst of rants.

…and now we are down to the last of the first impressions. See you in 6 hours for my next pick, a chinese comic turned anime, Shiyan Pin Jiating, A.K.A Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days.