Island: Good animations and sound design can’t save a boring plot

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When the first episode aired, I was in awe. Then the second episode came around and I was let down. Now, in the third episode, I realised how much time I’m wasting when I can be watching other better stuff from this season. So. You guessed it, I’m dropping Island, and here’s why.

So Island is, excluding the story, a pretty good anime. The artstyle and animations are definitely good here. Studio feel. has done another great job with this. Smooth, pleasing to the eyes. And of course, the sound is great too. The VAs had to sing quite a bit and I enjoyed the insert songs as well as the OST quite a bit. The voice acting itself is pretty good too. All these combine to make the anime pretty good to look at and to listen to.

However, it is an anime, and anime usually need to have a good plot. And by good, I mean an entertaining plot. A plot may be full of holes and not really make sense, but if it’s entertaining enough, it’s good, because we watch anime for entertainment anyways.
So, what exactly is it about the plot of this anime makes it have low entertainment value? To put it simply…it’s boring. The potential of the plot and mysteries is high. Which was exactly why, I was tricked into thinking that it was going to be very good.

I was so wrong. The slow pacing isn’t exactly bad, but what’s bad is that they pad the in-betweens with weird fanservicey type scenes and…SOL sequences…or whatever they are doing here? It killed the magic of the show and it became boring.

As such, I really couldn’t handle it anymore after this third episode, which happens to be the typical beach episode with a very slight mystery at the end of it. Not interesting.

Therefore, I’ve dropped it. I’m not sure who else out there is continuing to watch this show but…good luck? Hopefully you find the good parts of the show.

What a disappointing drop this was. Oh well, at least there are much more surprisingly nice shows from this season.


Final rating: 6/10

island confused.PNG
The show knows itself!

First impressions: Island(and small announcements)

BEFORE I begin this post, here’s some announcements.

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That is all. For now, enjoy the post!

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Alrighty. I have to say, this was a really good first impression that this anime gave me. From the way the genre tags and synopsis looked, I was already expecting quite a big mystery. But what I underestimated going into this anime, was how compelling it was.

Throughout the entire first episode, I found myself being very entranced by the mysteries presented, as well as the ways the characters acted. It was obvious from the start that this island isn’t as simple as it looks, but the things that have happened are still quite interesting and I really just want to find out why exactly do certain characters do some things.

That aside, I think the art and animations are really nice so far. As expected of studio feel., they manage to really make the island come to life and be mysterious even though it looks to be just a remote type of island. The character designs are pretty OK too, although it seems that it’s more towards a lolicon-bait type.

island flat chest.PNG
That’s him officer! Take him away!

Another good point I want to point out from this first episode has to be the music. The insert song sang by the VA was amazing and so far the use of background sounds/tracks is pretty on point as well, with each “weird” action being highlighted by a change/stop in the music.

That said, it can also be noted that the pacing for this anime feels slightly faster than it should for a mystery show, so it’s something to take note of. I do have trust in studio feel. to get the pacing and everything right, but if there’s rushing or slowdowns along the way it’s pretty noticable.

I do have to point out though that I definitely have a bias here, since time travelling as a subgenre/subject is very interesting to me. Hopefully it’s interesting to you people too, and as of the first episode alone, I can say that it’s a recommendation from me.


First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: Suspense and the built up tension in spite of peaceful atmosphere.

With that, the first first impressions has come to an end. See you in 6 hours, and the next anime I shall reveal is…Hanebado! Whoop! I can’t wait till I can share my reactions on that.