Music you can’t stop listening to: Kanashii Ureshii

Sneak attack!

Brand new series of posts with absolutely no warning! Haha! Caught you guys by surprise!

…I hope.

Anyways, I actually had the idea to do this series since forever, which is why I didn’t really give any signs of me wanting to do this, except for how much I like listening to anime songs I suppose.
This will be a series that will be focused on highlighting various music that came out of anime, and/or used in anime before. Especially good ones that will make you press on replay over and over.

In this first edition, we will of course showcase the brainwashingly nice music from last season: Kanashii Ureshii.


Song name: Kanashii Ureshii [ Frederic]

Anime: Koi to Uso

Opening song


I… really don’t have much to say. In fact, if you are playing the music video as you are reading this post, you would probably already feel for yourself just how powerful this song is.

The background beats, the guitar playing, and the overall voice of the lead singer, are all so good.

The best part of it is just how catchy it is. Simple chorus with the sounds of “Kanashii, kanashii, kanashii~” “Ureshii, ureshii, ureshii~” means that even non-Japanese speakers like me can sing along even without deep knowledge of the language, and the clap along that started only made it even catchier.

As a result, throughout the song, you will find yourself more…and more…. and more brainwashed, until you start to physically jam along with the song. The power of music is strong here, and it can be seen clearly with just how much views this particular music video has as of the time of writing: 5 million. For a music video that was only released 5 months ago, this is insane, especially considering how this is a Japanese music video, limiting its viewership even further.
Well, this fact can probably be explained by just how many times you will naturally press on the replay button: I myself am guilty of pressing that button at least 5 times, and pressing on the video more than 20 times.

Frederic’s songs have always been pretty unique, and his voice is so as well. Somehow, I just find myself drawn into his semi-metallic voice. I’m sure you will understand if you listen to his other songs.

Anyways, hopefully you enjoyed the music as much as I did, and remember to tune in next time for more Music that you can’t stop listening to.