Music you can’t stop listening to: Flashback [“Music Week”: Day 2]

Second day of the “Music Week”, and I just can’t wait to share this song. I’m sure that if you have read my recent posts, especially the ones about the anime from this current season, there is one song I just can’t stop praising. Which song is it?

<<Flashback>> from Kokkoku of this season, of course! This song has just thoroughly brainwashed me through and through, and even till this day, YouTube won’t stop recommending it to me.

youtube recommends flashback.png
Please stop recommending this to me, every time I see this, I have to go play the full version of the song at least twice!

And of course, combined with the amazing opening animations, this song became one that I just cannot skip.

Song name: Flashback[MIYAVI vs KenKen]

Anime: Kokkoku (MAL)

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Anime first impressions: Kokkoku

Anime name: Kokkoku

MAL link:

I am so happy right now. I’m happy for this show, I am happy that I watched this show, and I am happy that I noticed this show. So many things to be happy about, but to conclude, this show, as of its first episode, is absolutely amazing.

General statement(tl;dr): Absolutely amazing start to the season, doing everything I had hoped it would do and much more. Continue reading “Anime first impressions: Kokkoku”