First impressions: Lost Song

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Well…surprise. There was one last show that I did not give a first impressions on, and now that I could watch it, I shall finally give my first impressions on Lost Song.

I have to say, despite my slight bias, due to not being in the best of moods when watching the anime, the series itself does have a ton of problems. I have a feeling that if they don’t fix these problems, it might break the series. For now though, there is one part in the series that is carrying the show.

And that would have to be the sound and music. Being a music anime means that we get lots of good songs to listen to as the episodes go along, but in Lost Song, just in the first episode alone there were at least 4 different songs. Furthermore, they were all very well sang by the likes of Konomi Suzuki. It was a little weird hearing her voice the main character, since the voice sounds quite different from her singing voice, but once she sings, it’s just so nice.

The songs aside however, there really isn’t much else to compliment about for this series. The art and animation are above average at best, despite being a “Netflix Original Series”(still a stupid way to use the word original). The plot is so cheesy it almost made me stop watching, but the songs made me stay. And as for the characters, I’m really not taking a liking to anyone so far. Well, maybe the knight, but that’s about it. This is definitely how not to have a first impressions on the viewer, with some unimpressive things.

But, oh well, at least now I know what to expect from the series from now on. I’ll be watching on for the good songs, and that’s about it.

Oh, right. Have a complimentary “Screw you Netflix”.


First impressions rating: 6/10
Most impressive part: The songs. So many quality songs.

No, this is not the long post I’ve been writing. Although, a lot of things have made me into quite a sour mood recently, so I’m putting it off for now. Hopefully I can get back to writing soon.