I regret watching Sakurada Reset


Annnnnnd there’s the third drop of the season. I really was not expecting to drop this, and I didn’t want to either. But I truly could not stand this anime anymore. Sakurada Reset had so much potential, not just in terms of the world building, but also in terms of interesting characters and possible plot. And it did live up to its potential, albeit a little bit. It had very nice and consistent animations combined with good soundtrack and music, and it managed to do the world setting properly. It even had good characters along with character developments. But, here is where it went wrong. It got bland. The story telling method, like I have mentioned before, is really bad. Like, extra-ordinarily bad. It was horribly boring as well as slow paced, making me feel like stopping everytime I’m halfway through the episode. As such, this anime had been pretty much a waste of time to me, and I realised after I dropped it that I really didn’t get that much enjoyment from this series at all. Therefore, I have dropped it. Continue reading “I regret watching Sakurada Reset”

Anime special reviews: Sakurada Reset(Ep 2)


MAL link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/34102/Sakurada_Reset


Reason for special review:

There were several things that happened in this episode that made me decide to give it a special review. First, there is much improvements in this episode in terms of the story and plot advancement. It was quite a ride the entire episode and I think the story is only just starting to get heated up. Not only did it go into main details about character’s actions and their thinking, it also went pretty deep into character development as well as containing action. Second, the story-telling method of this episode is still really lacking as compared to what they can actually do. It is really dry and could be done much better. Lastly, there were several big moments in this episode that pretty much decided on where the story is going. There is a big mystery left behind by what was presented and there’s a high possibility that they will go back on it and resolve it in later episodes.
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