First impressions: Souten no Ken Re:Genesis

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Well done. Well freaking done. I didn’t think you could be this disappointed by something you had no expectations in, but this series has managed to achieve just that. In fact, I’m not only disappointed, I’m pretty much disgusted. First of all, a big disclaimer: I literally only watched 5 minutes of the first episode, and I felt so bad watching it I just had to stop.

My eyes. They hurt so much. The ugly things they have seen. Oh my goodness. This series might seriously become a contender for THE WORST 3DCGI show, competing with the likes of Berserk. I can’t even begin to describe this.

First up, what is this blatant copy and pasting of character models??? I know it might be kinda hard to make different character models, but when you are a show that is fully done in 3DCGI, I kind of expect you to at least have the decency to not fill the “crowd actors” with at least some variation. Just..look at this!

souten no ken re genesis repeating1.PNG
Even in the freaking opening animations! And so blatantly too!!!
souten no ken re genesis repeating2.PNG
Very freaking nice. Such opening scene.
souten no ken re genesis repeating3.PNG
Even in a 5 freaking man group of gangsters, you have two of them with the EXACT SAME FACE shooting at the same time. Are you joking me?

The ridiculous repeating 3DCGI models aside, it’s not like they’ve put much effort into the animations either. The frames in a lot of these scenes are horrible and it always feels like you are lagging, the way the models move are just retarded and in some cases, they don’t even bother animating it properly at all. WHO LET THIS SLIDE??

All of these combined to make the viewing experience an extremely horrible one, and within 5 minutes I noped my way out of the episode.

The plot may or may not have been nice, I won’t know. The animations were just too painful to watch. The opening song, to its credit, was pretty ok on its own, so that’s like the one good thing that came out of my 5 minutes nightmare.

Overall, this is a disgrace to the once legendary Fist of the north star series, do NOT watch it unless you are a big fan and really want to watch a sequel to the anime series.

First impressions rating: 1/10
Most impressive part: No.

That was a complete failure of a meme pick. Well, let’s try to forget that ever happened and move on. The next on my list would be another return of an old series, however this one has been hyped quite a bit. See you in 6 hours with a Piano no Mori first impressions.