First impressions: Omae wa Mada Gunma wo Shiranai

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Erm…..Hm….I wonder…what I just watched. That was….hmm………

I’m guessing this entire thing is going to be a comedy series that is also a semi-promotion for the Gunma prefecture in a way? Although it was really really short, I liked the comedy from this episode, and at only 5 minutes long, it didn’t hurt at all to watch it.

The plot is non-existent and well, characterisation basically is too, but hey, it’s a 5 minute series, what did you expect?

I laughed quite a bit. I like this, and well, hopefully a little more content out of the 5 minutes next time would be better.

*This is possibly the shortest first impressions I’ve ever written.

First impressions rating: 6/10
Most impressive part: They got the mayor of a city to advertise!

gunma mayor.PNG
Live action! The mayor!!!

That was rather short, so let’s move quickly onto the next one, which would be the meme pick for me from this season–Souten no Ken Re:Genesis, A.K.A お前わもう死んでいる.

See you all around in 6 hours!

First impressions: Devils Line

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I am going to give this anime 3 episodes. If it doesn’t improve within these 3 episodes, it’s not really worth my time. So far, the first episode felt like a complete and utter Tokyo Ghoul ripoff, just that it’s Vampires instead of Ghouls.

In terms of arts, animations and sound, it’s pretty good so far. In fact, everything looks really nice, the opening and ending songs are great, and the voice acting is pretty on point. However, the story seems to be something full of cliches as well as not knowing which direction it is trying to go at first. I’m also not particularly fond out most of the characters so far, and the only one I’m kinda interested in was used as a plot device so…RIP.

I’m not sure how this story is going to continue. If it’s going to be about romance and conflict, it’s going to have to drag the story out for quite a bit, since well, the progression seems to be kinda lightning fast in that aspect. But if it is going to be about the morality and things surrounding vampires and stuff, it’s going to have to pick up the pace, since there’s just too much unexplained things going on.

The gore and violence also feels very unjustified so far, and only serve as shockers rather than being actual important scenes.

Overall, I’m kind of disappointed, and if the anime does not improve, I’m not sure if I can really be entertained by this.

First impressions rating: 5/10
Most impressive part: Nothing. It didn’t impress me.

With this slight disappointment out of the way, let’s take a look at the 5 minute comedy series that I’m trying out for the season. Whether I laugh or I don’t, find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z in 6 hours!

First impressions: Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

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Fantastic. That is the perfect word to describe this first episode of Wotakoi. With a focus on rom-com, it might turn out to be your average rom-com that drags out unnecessarily, and has a high chance of being boring. However, the first episode did well to set this series apart from the others.

The biggest difference would be how Wotakoi is focused on two characters, one a fujoshi, and the other, an otaku, who both love games. Throughout the episode, there is many gaming and anime references peppered and most of them are great. As a gamer myself, this is the ultimate gift any gamer can have, to see gaming be explored properly on the anime medium. And not only are there gaming references, there are also extremely good comedic moments that come about from these scenes.

wotakoi desire sensor.PNG
Darn the Desire Sensor! I wanted those, not these!-  Gamers worldwide

Speaking of which, this series does a really good job of entertain us otakus watching by giving us lots of inside jokes as well as funny exchanges. It knows its place, and it takes advantage of it. I want to see more, I want to see more of the two MCs, I want to see how their love goes, and everything is interesting and fun.

Another big thing would be how A-1 has done it again with another great opening animation paired with a great opening song. I mean, it’s just so well done! I would honestly rewatch the episode right now just to see that opening animation again. And while the overall animations feels a little lacking compared to the other A-1 pictures works, it’s understandable since a certain other game anime adaptation probably sucked away the animation budget. Still, it is passable, and the character designs are good too.

A pretty good running gag so far would be A-1 pictures promoting their upcoming Saekano film…

saekano movie advertisement.PNG
While I agree Kato-chan is cute, this advertisement is so blatant!

Overall, it was a great opening episode, and I would definitely want to see much more from this series. Who don’t love themselves some good Monster Hunter references?

monster hunter reference.PNG
Intense monster hunting in progress~

First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: Not finishing your work because you have to check your feeds.

Another good anime? Have I not picked a bad one from this season? Well, time to find out with my next pick, Devils Line, which doesn’t seem to have a good reception so far. I’ll be around in 6 hours.

First impressions: Golden Kamuy

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Impressive starting so far, and definitely sets the series up nicely for future episodes.

The story is very interesting so far, and I like the direction it’s going. Being a seinen title, of course, gore and violence is to be expected, and everything is definitely not dandy. The two main characters that were introduced to us are really good too, and I can feel myself shippingliking them already.

On a personally more important note, the music for this anime is awesome. I mean…the opening song is by Man with A Mission. It would be worth watching the anime just for the song. It’s sooooo good!

But, on a more disappointing note, what in the world is that 3DCGI bear? While the rest of the episode was very nicely animated, the 3DCGI bear just broke my immersion completely. It felt as if the bear walked out from a video game and into an anime, and just decided to roll with it. The weirdness becomes even more apparent when you see a scene with both the bear and animations inside at the same time, and I am just pretty much taken aback. Apart from the bear though, the episode was very well animated, the gore had me reeling back(it’s not much but I’m a scaredy-cat), and just…overall looks great and smooth.

golden kamuy 3dcgi.PNG
You don’t even fit with the background… let alone the arrow.

Overall, Golden Kamuy has started off with a very interesting premise that I would love to see expanded on, and uh…as long as you keep the bear 3DCGI away from future episodes, it’s going to be a great watch.

First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: “JUST TRY AND KILL ME!I am Immortal Sugimoto!”

I liked this series so far, and I am having no regrets with most of my picks. Next up, let’s watch that one anime about the love story of a fujoshi and an otaku, Wotakoi. See you in 6 hours!

First impressions: Steins;Gate 0

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Wow. What a start. The entire premise of Steins;Gate 0 is to provide a reasonable explanation for the events of the final moments in the original anime/VN. However, seeing a full 23 episode showing(2cour) feels like we are being spoiled as viewers.

The story is not just a simple explanation for the events, it’s more of a complete story by itself of the events that happened to Okabe after…everything that happened. It’s brutal to him, and I feel for him.

Okabe has clearly changed a lot since the events in the original anime, and now he has PTSD, very reasonable. The other returning characters are all welcome as well, and it seems that this time we will be getting some new characters as well. One thing that Steins;Gate has managed to do was develop its characters really well, so I’m looking forward to what 0 brings to us. So far, they look interesting.

As for the art and animations, it’s the same old style, just looking more refined than before. I like it.

Sounds and music is pretty phenomenal already, especially the OST. I’m loving what I’ve heard. Also, Engrish for the win!

steins gate 0 engrish.PNG
At least there’s an interpreter this time to lessen the Engrish hilarity.

Overall, I’m looking forward to what will come next. Okabe probably isn’t, but I am. This will be a hell of a ride, and hopefully all the suffering will lead to the ray of hope.

First impressions rating: 9/10
Most impressive part: PTSD! That’s one horrible nightmare Okabe has to live through over and over!

After Steins;Gate, let’s move on to an anime I’ve been looking forward to very much myself–Golden Kamuy. I want that Man with A Mission song! We shall meet again in 6 hours.

First impressions: Boku no Hero Academia S3

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Yay! It’s back! With this episode, Boku no Hero Academia is back to give us another season full of hype and action(2 cour at that!). Now, there’s not really a lot of point in analysing this anime too much, and most things about the current season is pretty obvious, so I’ll keep this short and simple.

The story picks up where season 2 has left off. Our favourite hero children is about to enter their training camp, which is another pretty hype arc. The art and animations have vastly been improved from the last season, yet again. I didn’t know it was possible. As for the differences to other seasons, the opening and ending songs are clearly the obvious things. The opening song is really good, keeping up the tradition of great opening songs from BnH, but then again its by UVERworld so it’s not big surprise. The ending song was pretty good, but if you want my honest opinion…nothing can beat season 2’s first ending song <<Dakara, Hitori Janai>>. However, the animations at the end of the ending song is really fascinating, showing us the key animations for some of the series’ great moments. It reminds me of how Re:Creators’ second ending did the same thing. Basically, it’s nice.

Since this episode was quite basically short introductions and recaps done in a creative way, there really isn’t much else to talk about. There will be plenty of things to hype about this season, and I’m not going to spoil it. I can however, safely say that it’s just going to be another season of greatness, and if you can enjoy it, great! Let us all head for Plus Ultra together!

First impressions rating: 9/10
Most impressive part: Another foiled plan for Mineta and Kaminari.

RIP beach/pool episode.

With Boku no Hero down, let’s take a look at another anime that was greatly anticipated for this season–Steins;Gate 0. I’m so glad I managed to marathon the entire Steins;Gate series before the season started, so now I can join in on the hype! Whoo! See you around in 6 hours!

First impressions: Captain Tsubasa (2018)

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Being the other sports anime I’ve handpicked to watch from this season, I kind of expected something from Captain Tsubasa. There are some major differences that I can spot so far that sets this series apart from Major 2nd.

The first would be that this is about football(soccer for all of you americans), while Major 2nd is about baseball.(DUH!)
The difference this makes is that while I am quite a stranger to baseball(only played it a little in high school P.E. lessons since it was a compulsory module for a bit), I am no stranger to football. And well, frankly, on the occasions where I play it with friends, I enjoy playing it a lot. Watching football is also really fun, so I thought that watching it in anime form could be really good.

I guess I had too much of an expectation, as I felt my expectations fell a little short. The most noticeable thing would be how the artstyle feels very dated and seems like it should be from an anime in the early 2000s instead of now. The animations are good but the art style has put me off quite a bit.

The second difference would be that while Major 2nd’s Daigo is not that talented, Captain Tsubasa is clearly the type of OP MC from an isekai show translated onto a sports anime. This means that the character growth we can see from the anime would be more subtle and not just show through the advancement of skills and such.

Then we come to the story. I know that sports anime tend to over-exaggerate their plots most of the time to make it more exciting, but I couldn’t really take the series seriously. For example, the part where a young Tsubasa survived a Truck-kun encounter because the football he was holding helps absorbed the impact as well as bounce him away from danger is one big middle finger to Newton, and at the same time, it seems that certain character’s existence themselves are way too far stretched to be in the human level. In Haikyuu, sure, we’ve got people who can do impressive things, but it feels possible. But in Captain Tsubasa, I feel myself not believing that it is possible. Perhaps I’m just nitpicking here, but it’s what I feel.

screw newton.gif
Are you f***ing kidding me?

As for the soundtrack, it’s severely lacking for a sports anime. I expected much more hyper tracks, but then again those tracks could be saved for future episodes and just did not appear yet. The voice acting is pretty good, and helps to bring out the hype.

And speaking of hype, I can’t help but feel hyped up despite disliking the show a bit first. It is true that the story and the characters feel too detached from reality, but at the same time, the atmosphere building is quite phenomenal. It’s quite entertaining that way.

Overall, despite what I say, it was a very entertaining watch. I’m not exactly looking forward to more right now, but I suppose it could be worth continuing to watch this series.

First impressions rating: 7/10
Most impressive part: Shooting a football under a bus.(and catching it)

With that done, let’s finally move off all these sweaty things and shift our focus onto something really hype: Boku no Hero Academia S3! I’ll see y’all in 6 hours.

First impressions: Major 2nd

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I was quite hesitant starting Major 2nd, since I’ve never had any experience with the original Major before, but after this first episode, I’m not so hesitant anymore.

The story supposedly is a direct sequel to the Major series, and the protagonist this time is the son of the previous protagonist.Since I have never watched the Major series before, I was expecting to drown in the sea of references and therefore get lost in the plot, but the show pleasantly surprised me. Everything was introduced nicely, and there was no information from prior things that I needed to know before starting the show.

The characters are pretty interesting, given that the original protagonist of the Major series was a hugely talented person(according to people who have watched it) and the new protagonist, his son, struggles to have the same successes, as he is not as talented as the rest of his family. To see Daigo just crack under pressure is sad but relatable, and I can’t wait to see his character growth.

As for the arts and animations, I would say that it is very watchable. Nice to look at, typical of a sports anime.

In the music section, I’ve been seeing all the long-term fans talk about how the opening and ending songs give them nostalgia since it’s from the first Major anime, and while I couldn’t possibly have a sense of nostalgia, I can see where they are going with it, as the music mixed with the opening animations feels as if it’s a torch being passed down from father to son.
Voice acting is pretty average here.

The notable parts of the first episode being…nothing really? It’s a good introduction, I liked it, and it’s overall pretty good. Not too much stands out.

Overall, I like it, it’s giving out a good vibe so far and as far as I know, it is really hard to go wrong with a sports anime.

I'm amazing.PNG
Fan would agree. I’m just busy laughing at your misjudgement.

First impressions rating: 7/10
Most impressive part: The breakdown of Daigo.

With that said, let’s move on to the other sports anime that I would be watching from this season, Captain Tsubasa. See you around in 6 hours!

First impressions: Hinamatsuri

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AMAZING! This was a very hilarious first episode, starting off the series very well in the comedy direction. Most of the genres and tags make sense now too, so that’s that.

The story of Hinamatsuri is very straightforward and at the same time, in a very standard comedy way, ridiculous. If you are here for intricate plots and mindblowing moments, go look elsewhere. This story is just what it is.

What’s more important in Hinamatsuri is the slices of life, as well as the interactions between the characters. And Hinamatsuri manages to do it very, very well. Hina and Nitta’s interactions with each other is hilarious, as well as other people’s interaction with Hina. It has only been a single episode, and I already fell in love with them. I want to watch more of their shenanigans!

pinky promise
Best pinky promise in the world. From now on, that’s how I’m going to make pinky promises.

But of course, we can’t talk about a comedy show without talking about the comedy itself. Within this first episode alone, I have already pretty much busted my guts laughing. I laughed out loud so much during the comedy moments, and I’ve had this wide grin plastered all over my face when I’m watching as well as right now(since I’m thinking about the show). The aforementioned character chemistry is a major factor in what makes the comedy so funny, but we have to give credit to the scenarios written as well as the comedic timings. It was all great.

What enhances the comedy even further has to be the voice acting. It was really well done, and I have to give extra credit to whomever voiced Nitta. You sir, have done a great job. The background music was a little absent in this first episode, but the voice acting more than makes up for it.

And well, the final test that Hinamatsuri has to pass–does it look good? The answer: yes. It looks pretty good. Sure, the art style might not be the best in the world. Sure, the animations might feel a little choppy. Sure, the art doesn’t look like something that came out of a painting. Despite all that, the art and animations fit very well with the overall theme of Hinamatsuri, and I didn’t feel any discomfort throughout the first episode.

didn't see.PNG
“It’s not ignoring reality if I never saw it in the first place.”-Plyasm 2018

Overall, I would say Hinamatsuri has done well with this first episode, and it will be a series I’m looking forward to watching every week from now on, as it will be able to cheer me up from sad or depressing things.

First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: “Ouchy!” “Ouchy!” “Ouchy!”…

That was a barrel of laughs. Now then, my next pick shall be the sports anime I’ve picked up to try to expand my horizon–Major 2nd. See you in 6 hours!


First impressions: Mahou Shoujo Site

MAL link:

I’m…speechless. This anime is…unique to say the least. Hold on…give me some time to uh, recover and gather my thoughts.

Alright. So. The biggest thing about Mahou Shoujo Site that needs to be addressed first: what the f*** is this, and what did we just watch?

I believe I have a clear definition for what this series is about, unlike the many different tags that MAL has given it. This is clearly a Tragedy series. One that focuses on pain, suffering, and emotions. Examples of this category includes the famous Re:Zero as well as things such as Dead Tube or Revenge Classroom(Fukushuu Kyoushitsu). More specific talks about the genre itself, I will leave for next time, but there’s one thing that is very common throughout: there is suffering. Lots and lots of suffering. Having watched and read all of the examples I’ve given, I thought I would have been prepared since many have said Mahou Shoujo Site is similar to Madoka(never watched Madoka personally but we all know about it, I’m sure.).

I was wrong. I was so wrong. Just because you have been exposed to similar things before does not make the sensation any less painful, and just because you’ve seen all these suffering before doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be emotionally affected.


That said, for those of you who are left, congratulations, we are now comrades in arms as we watch this tragedy unfold. I don’t know how, but stories like this have a certain appeal in them. Objectively, Mahou Shoujo Site has done a good job with episode 1’s story so far. It sets us up well for whatever is going to happen next, while giving us some expectations as for what’s to come. I uh…I “like” it. It’s “entertaining”.

mahou shoujo site suicidal.PNG
You know we are off to a great start when our protagonist starts off the episode being suicidal.

The characters…god. I’m so sorry you have to go through all this my child. Just… I admit, the characters are well written. Well written enough for me to already hate certain people and want to protect certain others.

Art…you got me OK? The opening animations is creepy, that site’s avatar or poster girl or whatever is creepy, the faces of certain things is creepy, the ending animation is just weird(live action + 2D + 3DCGI sperm + some weird ovum[is it an ovum?] made up of effects???), and overall they have achieved their goal. I was creeped out, I was tense, the arts and animations actually flowed really well, and this is just scary…

For some reason however, the music for the opening and ending songs are actually pretty good and pretty normal songs. I thought they might just make some really creepy songs and put them there but nope. Voice acting is definitely on point there and brought me into the story very well, although I’m not sure if I should be appreciating that either.

Notable point about this? How about I let this picture of this girl speak for me?

Mahou Shoujo Site girl.PNG
God just get it away from me!!!

Overall, this anime got me. I’m a sucker for anything that entertain me, regardless of the circumstances. And the series achieved just that. So yup, I’m uh, gonna continue watching this anime. It’s objectively OK. Beyond depressing and brutal, but OK.

First impressions rating: 7/10
Most impressive part: Giant 3DCGI sperms moving in the ED.

Well, I will now gladly proceed to the next one in my selection, so let’s try to find something not depressing. I choose you, Hinamatsuri, with your interesting combination of genre tags and synopsis!

See you all in 6 hours. Remember to collect your wands, eheehehehehehhhhh