Milestone special post: Reveals

What is this? What is this? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…

I cannot believe this. As of the time that I am typing this post, my little wormhole has gotten more than 50 followers. 58, to be exact. Words cannot describe how grateful, happy, excited, elated, glad, surprised, delighted, (…I can only use so many related words right now.) I am.

Kazuma panties.gif
Whoo! [Anime: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!] (Warning: Do not do this in real life)

Uh-hum. Back to the topic at hand. 50 followers.

Just like the 10 followers milestone post I did, I cannot stress enough on how much this small number means to me. The number might be extremely small, especially when compared to giants like Irina or Karandi(Check them out if you haven’t, they are both extremely kind and great people with amazing blogs), and considering how long I’ve actually been making posts on my blog, this number really shouldn’t be anything to be happy about. In fact, I am probably the slowest growing blogger in the “weeb” community.
There’s nothing to be complaining about here. It’s been pretty much my own fault so far that caused my slow growth. Let’s list the problems that I/My blog have.

opm writing.gif
W-Wait, don’t actually copy it down! [Anime: One Punch Man]
  1. I post extremely irregularly. The main problems are how I can only really bring myself to post about things that entertain me and only when I have the drive to do so, therefore a schedule doesn’t really work out and I just don’t want to bring out subpar posts.
  2. The extremely limited scope of content on my blog currently. With how many things I do and want to do in my daily life, it’s pretty much unavoidable that my blog activities gets cut down. However, being stuck to pretty much having my main focus being currently airing anime makes me sad, and I’m pretty sure it disappoints you, the readers. I will try to expand my content into reviewing old anime that I’ve watched sometime. (Another empty promise that never fulfills? Maybe…)
  3. My limited contact with others of this community. Being someone who doesn’t like using social media, as well as someone who doesn’t really like to do the whole “you follow me, I’ll follow you back” type thing, I am probably one loner that doesn’t garner attention to myself. Well, it’s still my own fault for this, but yup.

With these faults being the case, I am still very happy about this number “50”. Why?

Because it means over 50 of you people have been thoroughly entertained by what I put out and want more! Because it means that all the efforts I put into my posts do not go wasted! Because it means that I know there are 50 awesome people there who are willing to read the posts I put out! Because…it’s a progress for this blog.

This might just be a small number, but the small number is the driving force behind my posts, the reason why I was willing to do the “6 hours per first impressions post” thing in order to make up for long inactivity, the reason why I continue blogging.
Like I’ve said before, the reason why I started this blog was just to dump things for my friends to read, but it is you followers that allowed me to continue doing better, writing with more quality in mind, and just posting in general. Without the support I’ve been shown so far, I probably wouldn’t even have gotten past 10 followers. I probably said this too many times and devalued this phrase by a ton by now, but I still have to say it again: Thank you.

made in abyss bow.gif
Thank you!!!!! [Anime: Made in Abyss]

With that said, let’s get to the actual content of this post! In order to celebrate the milestone this time, it is time to finally reveal the mysterious person behind the mask of “Plyasm”! With how far I’ve gone to make myself anonymous so far(especially with the voice changer in the podcast), I bet most of you are interested in learning more things about this particular “Plyasm”(at least pretend to be). Now, with 50+ followers under my belt, it’s time to reveal…

hyouka curious.gif
Kininarimasu! [Anime: Hyouka]

My hands!

…Yup. I’m uh, revealing my hands. Ha. Gotcha!(insert Gatchaman theme song)

Well, here they are:

Left hand…

*Yes, they are tanned. Sorry I don’t have a model’s body…

Now, on first look, this might seem like a troll post with no substance whatsoever. However, I’m here to tell you that you are wrong and that there definitely is quite a bit of substance in my hands!(and meat too!)

What’s so special about them you ask? They just look like normal hands you say? Look again!
Look at these flawless hands that have been typing out the posts you have been reading and is still reading right now! Look at these hardworking hands responsible for quite literally most of the activities that I do both online and offline! Just…look at these beautiful hands.

oreigairu teehee.gif
t-t-teehee? [Anime: Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.]


I’m just kidding. In fact, the things about my hands are not positive. Rather, I would say that it is very negative. Let’s break it down.

For instance, if you were to take a closer look at my right hand, you might notice something–a weird scar on my middle finger.

right scar.jpg
Zoom! Enhance!

No, I did not get it from pointing a middle finger at someone. Rather, I got it when I was really young, hence why this scar stayed till now. This is probably one of the only memories I retain from when I was really really young(~3 years old? Shota much?) but it’s a memory I can’t seem to forget, despite how trivial it is. The truth is, I was playing in a minimart and cut my middle finger while playing with a knife. It was a pretty deep cut and therefore the scar remained till now.
That’s the whole situation about the scar. Trivial and boring, ain’t it?
*Except for the cutting part. Just thinking about it makes me go yeowch…



Well, if you were to know more about my left hand, it might interest you just a little bit more.
No, don’t look at the middle finger. In fact, it has nothing to do with the fingers. What I want you to bring your attention to is the palm lines. Yes, the palm lines.
There’s something very special and different about the palm lines on my left palm. Normally, the palm lines will look something like this:

*insert picture of normal palm lines*
Sorry, I couldn’t find a good picture to put here…to think that of all things a good picture of a left palm is so hard to obtain… But hey, just look at your own left palm, ok?

However, mine is clearly different. Why? Because the 3 separate lines have converged into one, making it seem as if the palm is split into 2 by the palm line. In asian or more specifically, chinese cultures, palm readings will take into account the palm lines to tell how you will be in the future. “Broken Palm” occurs when the 3 lines converge into one, which is exactly what my left hand is. It usually means something auspicious for females  such as causing bad luck for the people around them while it means great things for males such as them being very successful in life(extremely sexist, I know.). I personally do not believe in reading palms, nor do I agree with this ultra-sexist division for a “Broken Palm” between the genders, so there’s that. Just another small useless trivia that you know about my hands, whoop!
*Also, the chance of getting a “Broken Palm” is quite low.
There’s more details based on how many “Broken Palms” you have as well as which hands are the “Broken Palms” but hey, I don’t read palms for a living, so let me go 😛

Last but not least, the most important details about my hands is…the size. Let’s bring this to scale.

hand width
The width!
hand length.jpg
The length!

As you can see, my hands are ~17 cm in length and ~8 cm in width. The average hand length(males) is ~19 cm while the average hand width(males) is ~8.5cm. Comparing the numbers, it brings into perspective just how small my hands are… In fact, it is actually more in line with the average hand length and width of females of ~17cm and ~7cm respectively. What does this mean?
It means my hands are mighty small! It’s not exactly something to be proud of(considering who else is also known for having small hands…), but having hands that are as small as these means that my hands sometimes are even smaller than some of my female friends’…
Uh, tiny hands big heart perhaps?

tanya awkward smile.jpg
Heh…heh…h…[Anime: Youjo Senki]

Well, that’s about all the things I can talk about for my hands for now.

It might have only been a hand reveal but hey, you probably got something interesting out of this right?
Hopefully it’s not something to help you figure out my identity.

Either way, it was fun writing this post, I’m still really happy about everything, and I will continue to write better posts to entertain all of you. That’s not an empty promise this time.

-A celebratory Plyasm

blend s celebrations.jpg
Thank you for all the support on my wormhole! [Anime: Blend S]

Afterword: What, I reached 60 followers already? How is that possible? Thank you, all 60 of you lovely people!

Extra thanks to all the lovely peeps over at the discord server ❤ I’m glad to be able to start a community with you people.

45 thoughts on “Milestone special post: Reveals”

  1. Congrats on the 50 followers!!! Well now 60 😂
    Those were some interesting facts about your hands lol :’) I’ve never really given much attention to palm lines or palm reading but that was really interesting to read 😮

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Y-You enjoyed reading about my hands…? But it’s tiny and it’s weird…
      Feet at 100 sounds like a good idea at first glance but my feet are not the “perfect proportion feet fetishist” feet so I don’t want to burn you eyes with them…

      Liked by 3 people

        1. If 100 comes so easy I won’t ever have to post again…muahaha.
          And nah, my feet is ugly. Especially my toenails on my little toe(the one on the far left/right), they look hideous. No idea what made them that way, but yup. Your feet definitely looks better than mine …

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Show it to @Shoka since he says he has a fetish. I’m sure your beautiful feet will blow him away…
            But then again, don’t. He’s going to do some naughty things with the picture for sure…

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Eyes and face…Hm…That would mean breaking one of the fundamental rules I’ve set for myself–a certain amount of anonymity on the internet. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll decide that that rule is never needed anymore…
      Either way, thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Whoa this was a much more extensive reveal than I thought – the ruler was a really nice touch!!!! You know, catching up to Karandi would be quite a challenge but if you keep revealing body parts, I’m pretty sure you’ll pass me in no time!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on the 50 (or 60, rather) followers. I gave you a follow just before I typed this comment, just to get you to churn out more of these unique milestone posts…but it seems highly likely I’ll celebrate 50 followers before you get to 100.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hahahaha this post is incredibly hilarious.
    Yea now you definitely need to do a feet reveal. Or you can do a hair reveal (head hair duh) – heh heh, we might just be able to find out your sacred age from a zoom zoom enhance BOOM image as you did here. XD

    Jokes aside, congrats for the upped follower count! More lovers and more loves. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dang it, I missed YahariBento’s post (No I mean this is intentional to make more spam on your WP feed). In that case, I call for a rotated hand reveal! (Yes yes… now that’s original (muhahaha))

      Liked by 1 person

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